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Orion Diagnostica launches a new self test for detecting HIV infection in the Nordics

autotest VIH® is a rapid HIV home test and now available in Denmark! The test is soon available in other Nordic countries as well.

autotest VIH® is

  • a rapid test one can do at home
  • the first self-test for the detection of the HIV with a CE mark
  • issued without a medical prescription and it is available in pharmacies or on their websites
  • reliable for the detection of an HIV infection occurred at least 3 months earlier
  • is performed from a small blood sample taken from the tip of the finger


  • The test can be done privately at home
  • Easy to use - 3 simple steps taking only 5 minutes
  • Results ready in 15 minutes

*HIV is the virus responsible for AIDS

Find more information on autotest VIH:
Autotest VIH -HIV test

Purchase autotest VIH for HIV self testing. The test is now available in Denmark: