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Orion Diagnostica's QuikRead is a compact, portable, and easy to use point-of-care system that brings the laboratory to your desktop. It is a multi-analyte diagnostic tool used throughout the healthcare sector in over 40 countries. The results are distinctively and clearly displayed, eliminating any uncertainty related to their interpretation.

The QuikRead system gives fast and reliable results without any delays due to sample analysis in the laboratory, helping you make the right decisions during the consultation with the patient.

Connect your QuikRead to the healthcare information system to record and store the data securely for future use.

QuikRead is not registered in the USA.

The QuikRead 101 instrument provides point-of-care healthcare settings with a user-friendly diagnostic system. The QuikRead system consists of a QuikRead 101 instrument, an accuracy dispenser and several QuikRead reagent kits. The instrument has a serial connection for an external printer or a personal computer and can be used with a barcode reader.

QuikRead CRP test is intended for quantitative measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP) in whole blood, plasma and serum samples with the QuikRead 101 instrument. This simple and robust system gives reproducible results in just a few minutes.

QuikRead FOB quantitative is an immunological quantitative test for detecting occult blood in human stool samples in cases of suspected bleeding from the lower gastrointestinal tract. The kit is used together with a small instrument, the QuikRead 101. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems if needed.

QuikRead U-ALB is a rapid test intended for quantitative determination of albumin in urine samples. The kit is used together with a small instrument, the QuikRead 101. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems if needed.

The QuikRead 101 system accessories enhance the system’s ease of use with secure data handling and recording.
1 ml QuikRead dispensers are used for kit versions with buffer bottles.
The QuikRead workstation provides a convenient test procedure.
The QuikLink Setup Wizard is used for configuring the QuikRead 101 instrument. The Wizard enables the instrument to be configured to use a standardised ASTM data transmission protocol and to use a barcode reader.
The QuikLink barcode reader enables operator and/or patient identification information to be read in barcode format.

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