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Partnering and licensing

Partnerships and networking are important for Orion Diagnostica throughout the entire value chain of operations. We collaborate with other companies in product development, manufacturing and marketing and sales of products internationally.

Our many long-lasting partnerships prove that Orion Diagnostica is a fair and reliable partner. We are committed to continuously developing our partnerships to optimize mutual benefits. We are constantly seeking and evaluating potential new partnerships. 

For Orion Diagnostica, successful partnership management is a business priority. We have the processes, structures, competences, and the right mind set in place to ensure efficiency and flexibility.

Orion Diagnostica would be happy to receive and evaluate collaboration proposals around different assets that would fit Orion Diagnostica's focuses, resources and capabilities.

You are welcome to submit your proposal by using this contact form. The submitted proposal will enter our internal evaluation process and, after an initial review of it and if we see a fit between your asset or project and our resources and capabilities our contact person will revert back with a response and initiate a dialogue with you to determine the potential for a partnership. 

SIBA®technology: interested in partnering and licensing?

We are currently actively seeking international partnering and licensing opportunities for our proprietary SIBA® technology both in non-IVD, including areas like veterinary, environmental & food and water, as well as in selected human IVD areas. Orion Diagnostica owns the global rights for the SIBA isothermal nucleic acid detection technology in all fields.

Orion Diagnostica acquired in mid 2011 an early phase technology for isothermal nucleic acid amplification, the SIBA technology – and in 2014, we released for sale our novel Orion GenRead® system based on SIBA with its first test for detection of C. difficile. Read more: SIBASIBA technology and Orion GenRead 

Proven tolerance to sample-derived inhibitors allows the SIBA technology to robustly distinguish closely related species with high sensitivity. The SIBA technology perfoms at a low and constant temperature obviating the need of complex thermal cycling instrumentation. The strengths of the SIBA technology allowing a fast a accurate nucleic acid detection favour the use of the technology in a variety of sample types and test settings in a small-footprint device. 

Please contact us by using this contact form.

Are you seeking a strong distributor in Nordic countries, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic?

In addition to our own products, we sell products by well-established diagnostics manufacturers in point-of-care and LabMed. 

Our local offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany provide our principals with an established customer base, local market insight and a motivated and professional sales team. We work in close partnership with our principals in order to offer our customers high-quality products.

To fulfil our customers´ increasing needs, we are continuously looking for new innovative products to complete our own offering.

Please contact us by using this contact form.

Are you interested in OEM partnership?

With over 40 years’ experience in clinical diagnostics and hygiene monitoring businesses and a certified quality management system, we offer our expertise and top-quality solutions to  companies interested in OEM cooperation. 

Please contact us by using this contact form.