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Antibiotic Research UK: antibiotic prescribing decreased 5 % in a year in the UK

According to Antibiotic Research UK and EXASOL, antibiotic prescribing by GPs in the UK has fallen markedly in the past year. The national prescribing rate has fallen by over 5% in a year and 11% since the peak in 2012. Seasonal variation (the difference between the month with the highest number of prescriptions in a year and the month with the lowest) has fallen down as well: it has halved in a year from 68% down to 31%. One antibiotic prescription is still given out every second in England. 

Antibiotic Research UK is a charity created to develop new antibiotics.

Antibiotic Research UK. New research reveals positive evidence that prescribing of antibiotics by GPs is decreasing faster than ever. 15.11.2016. http://www.antibioticresearch.org.uk/new-research-reveals-positive-evidence-prescribing-antibiotics-gps-decreasing-faster-ever/


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