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China published a state-level plan to fight against the AMR

According to english.eastday.com China announced a State-level plan on Thursday, 25th of August, to curb antimicrobial resistance. It’s the first multisector effort in China involving 14 ministries and agencies, including health, agriculture, food and drug, and environmental protection. In addition, the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, will include a session on fighting AMR through global cooperation, informed Xiao Yonghong, a professor at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at Peking University and an adviser on the issue to the National Health and Family Planning Commission. He highlights that in addition to international cooperation the effort must start within each country as well.

Martin Taylor, coordinator for health systems and security at the WHO's China office has said that China faces many problems that lead to AMR. One of them is that there are not enough rapid diagnostic tests to allow physicians to prescribe the correct antibiotic. The plan sets that all retail drugstores in China should sell antibiotics only when provided with prescriptions by 2020. Major public hospitals are required to establish a management mechanism to strictly control antibiotic use. To raise public awareness, the plan calls for all primary and middle school students to be educated on the issue by 2020.



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