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Digitalization as hot topic at AACC – QuikRead go meets the demand

Orion Diagnostica delegate participated in AACC, Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, in Philadelphia from July 31 – August 4. In the exhibition many companies showed their progress in digital solutions and eTools to support the diagnostic tests.

Connecting point-of-care analysers bi-directionally to data handling systems is more and more a demand today. Connected POC analysers transfer measurement results automatically to the data handling system from where they are directly distributed to medical doctors treating patients, also at remote locations. By reducing the possibility of human errors in recording the results, automatic data transfer increases patient safety as well as speed in patient treatment. QuikRead go®, our point-of-care system has a compact, fully automatic instrument which is used for quantitative and qualitative measurements together with QuikRead go reagent kits, CRP, CRP+Hb, Strep A and iFOBT. QuikRead go Instrument can be connected to laboratory information systems using either a uni-directional or a bi-directional connection.


This version of QuikRead go CRP is not registered in the USA (link to the US product version: QuikRead go CRP for the USA).

Read more about QuikRead go and Connectivity: http://www.oriondiagnostica.com/Products/QuikRead-go/QuikRead-go-instrument/