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New feature on QuikRead go Instrument connectivity

A bi-directional connection to LIS/Middleware systems is enabled with the new QuikRead go software version 7.1. The bi-directional connection allows remote managing of both QuikRead go users and QuikRead go instruments giving the possibility to e.g.

  • Administer the users
  • Download patient data from an external system (Middleware/LIS)
  • Manage quality control measurements, lots and acceptance limits from an external system (Middleware/LIS)
  • Tag patient and quality control results with comments
  • Manage QuikRead go instruments remotely

The connection is based on the POCT1-A2 standard. Along with the software version 7.1 also a wireless connection will be enabled. The new software version is now available and it is pre-installed in all new QuikRead go instruments.

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