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Orion Diagnostica - 40 years

Orion Diagnostica has 40 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and commercialization of diagnostic test systems. The company was established in 1974.

Here are some highlights of Orion Diagnostica’s 40-year journey:
1943: Manufacture of microbiological culture media begins at Orion
1968: Uricult® urinary tract infection test launched
1974: Orion Diagnostica established
1984: Orion Diagnostica plant expansion in Espoo
1993: First generation QuikRead® system launched
1998: New QuikRead® system – ”the blue one” – launched
2010: QuikRead go® launched
2010: Finnish Chemical Industry innovation award to Orion Clean Card® PRO  
2011: Acquisition of SIBA® technology, the platform for Orion GenRead®