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Orion GenRead® system is now available

Orion Diagnostica is happy to announce that the new Orion GenRead system with the instrument and ready-to-use C. difficile kit is now available. 

Orion GenRead is a user-friendly benchtop system for pathogen detection which brings fast and accurate molecular testing within the reach of a wide range of laboratories. The Orion GenRead solution is based on SIBA® (Strand Invasion Based Amplification) technology, Orion Diagnostica’s proprietary isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology. The first Orion GenRead test is intended for identification of toxigenic C. difficile directly from a faecal sample collected from a patient suspected of having C. difficile infection (CDI). Future product portfolio will cover a wider range of pathogen tests, starting with gastrointestinal pathogen identification tests.

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Orion GenRead – Molecular diagnostics for healthier life


SIBA® and Orion GenRead® are registered trademarks of Orion Diagnostica Oy.