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QuikRead go® Connectivity – the smart way

Connecting point-of-care (POC) analysers to data handling systems is increasingly becoming a requirement in hospitals and larger laboratory units today. Connected POC analysers transfer measurement results automatically to the data handling system from where they are directly distributed to physicians treating patients, also at remote locations. By reducing the possibility of human errors in recording the results, automatic data transfer increases patient safety as well as speed in patient treatment.

QuikRead go Instrument can be connected to laboratory information systems using either a uni-directional or a bi-directional connection. The uni-directional connection has been possible with QuikRead go Instrument already for some years, but now also the bi-directional connection is.

Connectivity gives several important benefits to the customers. Quality and efficiency of the process at the point-of-care is improved and increased, because test results are stored and sent to data handling systems automatically in electronic format. The test results are available quickly in doctors’ offices and remote instrument management (e.g. software updates, setting changes) is made possible.

New connectivity features have already been well received amongst customers because connectivity helps customers to secure high quality of testing. QuikRead go is a robust, easy to set up and easy to maintain connectivity system which allows savings in time and resources can be obtained.

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