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QuikRead go Strep A – The report from Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for primary health care (SKUP) has been published

SKUP, Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for primary health care, is an independent evaluation centre. An extensive SKUP evaluation on QuikRead go Strep A test was carried out in Denmark during 2014 with the aim to verify the given detection limit using a reference strain and five wild type strains. In addition, the specificity was calculated as batch to batch variation as well as in-between user and in-between instrument variation. Also the user-friendliness of QuikRead go Strep A in a hospital laboratory was evaluated. 

The evaluation results confirmed that
• Lowest positive result is 7×104 cfu /swab
• The equivalence point was between 2,2 and 8,8×104 cfu /swab, depending on the strain
• No differences in results were seen using different instruments, reagent lots or between the evaluators
• Haemolytic Streptococcus Group C or Group G strains showed no cross-reactions
• Both the positive and negative control materials gave expected results
• The percentage of technical errors fulfilled the quality goal, being less than 2%
• The quality goal of the user-friendliness was fulfilled

For access to the report
Please visit the official website of SKUP. The report is available through the product name in “Three latest reports” and the main page shortcut “SKUP-evaluations, results, reports, summaries and conclusions” at: http://skup.nu/

For tips on easy handling of the sample
Take a look at our QuikRead go Strep A video in Youtube or on our homepage. The video is intended for use as training material for new users and tips on how to perform the test.