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SIBA technology in detection of Zika virus

New scientific article on SIBA technology has now been published online. The name of the article is Rapid molecular diagnostic test for Zika virus with low demands on sample preparation and instrumentation and it was published in Diagnostic Microbiology & Infection on Friday 2nd of September 2016.

Zika virus has recently gained attention due to recent large outbreaks worldwide. The article describes a rapid and robust reverse transcription strand invasion based amplification (RT-SIBA) test for detection of Zika virus in less than 30 minutes. The method displayed high levels of sensitivity and specificity for Zika virus RNA and it is cost-effective and compatible with portable instrumentation. This could be applied for early detection of outbreaks or on-site pathogen detection.

Link to the article: http://www.dmidjournal.com/article/S0732-8893(16)30267-X/fulltext

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