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A new QuikRead go driver available in the Cobas IT1000 middleware system

Roche has released a new driver for the QuikRead go Instrument in their Cobas IT1000 middleware system. The new driver complies with the POCT1-A2 standard allowing a two-way communication between QuikRead go instruments and the Cobas IT1000 middleware system.

A two-way communication enables remote management of the QuikRead go instruments and the QuikRead go instrument users.

In addition to the result sending, the following features are supported by Cobas IT1000:

  • Operator lists can be downloaded from Cobas IT1000 to QuikRead go. Only certified users have access to the QuikRead go instruments.
  • Patient lists can be downloaded from Cobas IT1000 to QuikRead go
  • QuikRead go settings, e.g. the time, can be set remotely
  • New quality control lots can both be added remotely and limits set remotely in Cobas IT1000
  • Device events can be sent to the middleware system
  • QuikRead go device status can be monitored from Cobas IT1000 (Keep-Alive message)