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Changes are needed to achieve the WHO vision on good use of antibiotics in India

India is a major drug producer with some of the highest sales of antibiotics globally and one of the highest levels of AMR.

According to an analysis by researchers at Queen Mary University of London and Newcastle University in India the total sales of antibiotics are increasing. Sales are increasing at the fastest rate special for the antibiotics that require the most careful control and regulation.

WHO adopted in June 2017 a new classification for antibiotics to combat rising AMR challenge and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics that are a “last resort”.

WHO new model comprised three categories: “Key Access” antibiotics that should be widely available, “Watch Group” that includes critically important antimicrobials which should only be used for certain infections, and “Reserve Group” antibiotics for severe circumstances when all alternatives have failed. It is very worrying that “Reserve Group” antibiotics had risen most by 174% in 5 years in India. Action and changes are needed to achieve WHO vision of good use of antibiotics.

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