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Guide for kitchen cleaning and hygiene published in Finland

A guide for Kitchen cleaning and hygiene is published in Finland. The aim of the guide is to improve kitchen hygiene. The guide is intended for people working inprofessional kitchens, people responsible for kitchen hygiene and cleaning, teachers and experts in this field and food control authorities.

The use of Orion Diagnostica’s products Hygicult TPC and Orion Clean Card PRO in hygiene control of kitchens is introduced in the guide. The guide is available only in Finnish.

Hygicult contact slide is a cultivation method intended for rapid monitoring of microbial hygiene on surfaces. Hygicult tests can also be used for microbial control of liquid samples, raw materials and end products.
More information: Hygicult

Orion Clean Card PRO is a hygiene test for monitoring the effectiveness of surface cleaning. Orion Clean Card PRO detects protein residues, the presence of which indicates inadequate cleaning. The test is easy-to-use and rapid, the time to result is only 30 seconds.
More information: Orion Clean Card PRO

Koskinen M, Kakko L, Välikylä T (ed.) Keittiöiden siivous- ja hygieniaopas. Suomen Ympäristö- ja Terveysalan Kustannus Oy 2018.