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Introducing www.tackleamr.com on the European Antibiotic Awareness Day

World Antibiotic Awareness Week will be celebrated on November 13 – 19, culminating on the 18th of November as the annual European Antibiotic Awareness Day. World Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to increase awareness on antibiotic resistance as a global challenge and to promote best practices among the general public, health workers and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and the spread of antibiotic resistance (AMR).

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest challenges facing modern medicine today; its’ seriousness has been compared to climate change as a phenomenon. At present AMR already causes as many as 700 000 deaths annually, and the worse scenarios estimate that it could cause 10 million deaths a year by 2050. The main cause of AMR is the overuse of antibiotics both in humans and animals.

Orion Diagnostica wants to join the fight against AMR and supports the Antibiotic Awareness Day. The launch of the www.tackleamr.com website is our way promote this important topic. The aim of the new website is to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance, highlight the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use, and share valuable information and ideas on this topic.

The www.tackleamr.com website will also point out the role of good diagnostic tools as a central solution in promoting the appropriate use of antimicrobials. QuikRead go CRP point-of-care test helps to promote more prudent use of antibiotics and supports healthcare professionals in reaching the correct diagnosis as well as the suitable treatment decision.

By registering at www.tackleamr.com website one can download the interactive pdf material: ‘Value of CRP in Clinical Use’. It is aimed for healthcare professionals to support their treatment decisions.

Link to website: www.tackleamr.com

Learn more about European Antibiotic Awareness Day: http://antibiotic.ecdc.europa.eu/en/EAAD/Pages/Home.aspx