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Orion Diagnostica QuikRead go CRP is useful tool in assessing disease activity of spondyloartritis

Treat-to-target recommendations(1-2) for spondyloarthritis suggest the use of C-reactive protein (CRP)-based or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)-based disease activity score for evaluation of the disease activity and for the decision making of treatment modifications. Typically, CRP measurement for calculation of the score is performed using routine laboratory CRP but it is time-consuming and does not allow decision making during the patient’s visit in healthcare. A recent study(3) compared the performance of the disease activity scores obtained either using fast point-of-care (POC) CRP and routine laboratory CRP and between the routine laboratory CRP and ESR. The comparison of CRP POC-based scores with the laboratory CRP-based scores indicated that both indexes performed similarly well and resulted in a similar disease activity state that was seen in 92% of the patients. This result was clearly better than the agreement between the laboratory CRP-based score and ESR-based score that was only 68.8%. The study concludes that the CRP-POC-based score allows the immediate evaluation of the disease activity and treatment decisions making the treat-to-target recommendation of the guideline more feasible in clinical routine.



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