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Prevent infections’ spreading in daycare centers by using Hygicult TPC

On October 11th, the main morning TV Newscast by Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company) discussed how to prevent infections to spread in children daycare centers and showed how one can use Hygicult TPC in this. Monitoring the cleaning effectiveness is crucial in ensuring the correct cleaning of the right areas in daycare settings.

The interviewed hygiene expert, Ms. Tuula Suuntamo, highlighted the important measures in cleaning:

  • Too much focus is put on cleaning the floor as infections seldom spread from the floor but from the contact surfaces.
  • The most dirty spots in this test were found in the dining areas such as armrests of chairs. Other places requiring more focus were bedside edges and door handles. It was also noted that children typically touch different spots than adults.
  • Toys should be easy to clean.

Cleaning the right places is the best way to prevent infections to spread in daycare centers: see Yle News clip (in Finnish, timing 5): https://areena.yle.fi/1-4254766#autoplay=true

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