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Orion GenRead

Orion Diagnostica's Orion GenRead is a flexible benchtop solution including a small instrument and ready to use kits. It is intended for rapid detection of pathogens, offering a fast and accurate alternative for nucleic acid testing in various laboratory settings.

Orion GenRead is based on Orion Diagnostica’s proprietary isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology, SIBA® (Strand Invasion Based Amplification).

Orion GenRead C. difficile and Orion GenRead Campylobacter tests are available. Next analytes: RSV and Influenza A & B.

Read more about SIBA.

Orion GenRead is not registered in the USA. 

Orion GenRead Instrument is a small bench top instrument for amplification and detection of nucleic acids. The self-contained instrument is used together with Orion GenRead reagent kits for rapid detection of various pathogens and is suitable for use in laboratories of various settings and sizes.

Orion GenRead C. difficile is a molecular test intended for detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile from faecal samples from patients suspected of having C. difficile infection (CDI).

Orion GenRead Campylobacter is a molecular test intended for detection of Campylobacter species C. jejuni, C. coli and C.lari directly from faecal samples collected from patients suspected of having Campylobacter infection.

The accessories available for the Orion GenRead system enable optimal use of the system in different situations. Currently available accessories are a printer, a heating block, a Vortex mixer, a battery unit and a workstation. 

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