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Orion GenRead accessories

The accessories available for the Orion GenRead system enable optimal use of the system in different situations. Currently available accessories are a printer, a heating block, a Vortex mixer, a battery unit and a workstation. 


Orion GenRead Workstation, consisting of four detachable reagent trays, supports a systematic way of working during sample preparation.

The available heating block is capable of maintaining 95°C degrees and intended for 1.5 ml microtubes. The Vortex type mixer provides efficient mixing during sample preparation.

Orion GenRead Battery unit enables the instrument to be used without mains power making the Orion GenRead system mobile use possible. Charging of an instrument attached battery takes place automatically when Orion GenRead Instrument is connected to a power supply. 

Orion GenRead accessories provide you with

  • Print option of individual patient results when no HIS/LIS is in use
  • Heating block and Vortex mixer for efficient sample preparation
  • Battery use of Orion GenRead Instrument when no electrical output is available
  • Systematic and easy sample handling 

Orion GenRead is not registered in the USA. 

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use
Instrument information

Orion GenRead Instrument

Storage 2 - 25 ºC
Registration Not registered in the USA
Registered trademark Orion GenRead is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.

About Orion GenRead accessories

Orion GenRead system is designed for use in laboratories of various settings and sizes and can be complemented with the available accessories to make it even more suitable for individual us situations.

Orion GenRead Workstation is designed to facilitate the performing of the Orion GenRead tests. It contains four detachable sample trays, each fitting one of the sample preparation steps. The step allocated trays steer the user to choose the tubes and to pipette the solutions in correct order. Orion GenRead Workstation tube wells are numbered from one to twelve to further guide the sample preparation. The detachable trays allow to arrange the sample preparation steps to fit into the laboratory’s workflow.

The Orion GenRead accessories are available through Orion Diagnostica distributors.

Documents and materials

Instructions for use

(For informative use only. Kindly always refer to the latest package insert in the kit.)

Orion GenRead Workstation IFU (GB, FR, NL, DE, CZ, SK, IT, PL, FI, SE, ES, DK, CN), 147701

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