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QuikRead go CRP for the USA / Risks and limitations of the procedure

Assay procedures other than those specified in these instructions may yield questionable results. Some substances may interfere with the test results; please see Section “Interference” below.

CRP results should never be used alone, without a complete clinical evaluation. Intraindividual variations in CRP are significant and should be taken into account – e.g., by means of serial measurements – in interpretation of the values.

The QuikRead go CRP test is not intended for use as high sensitivity CRP or cardiac CRP.




No interference foundup to concentration
Bilirubin 230 mg/L
Vitamin C 35 mg/L
Triglycerides 10 g/L
Rheumatoid factors (RF) 525 IU/mL
Anticoagulants (Li-heparin or EDTA) No interference
Hemoglobin (plasma and serum) 20 g/L


Most heterophilic or anti-sheep antibodies in the samples do not interfere with the test, because the assay antibodies lack the Fc part. In rare cases, interference by IgM myeloma protein has been observed.

Instructions for use

(For informative use only. Kindly always refer to the latest package insert in the kit.)

QuikRead go CRP IFU (GB, ES), 145215

QuikRead go CRP Control Set (GB), 05968

QuikRead go CRP Verification Set (GB), 06116