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QuikRead go Strep A

QuikRead go Strep A is a simple, rapid test for detecting Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes) in throat samples, a causative agent of bacterial pharyngitis. This ready-to-use test is used together with the QuikRead go instrument which automatically stores the results along with user and/or patient data. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems if needed.


When a patient presents with a sore throat (acute pharyngitis), it can be difficult to differentiate, based on visual inspection only, whether the infection is caused by Strep A or by viruses. QuikRead go Strep A is an easy to use and fast diagnostic test which reliably detects Strep A from a throat swab sample. It provides quick and accurate results during consultation, identifying those patients who need treatment with antibiotics. The test result – positive or negative – is displayed on the instrument, thus eliminating the uncertainty and subjectivity associated with visual assessment of the test result.

QuikRead go Strep A provides you with

Fast and objective results

  • Clear positive and negative samples in less than two minutes, all results in less than four minutes measurement time


  • Performing the test and recording the results are easily adapted to user workflow

Traceable results

  • Results are automatically stored in the instrument’s memory and user and/or patient information can be stored with the results.
  • The instrument is connectable to HIS/LIS systems 

Test results should never be used alone, without a complete clinical evaluation.

QuikRead go Strep A is not registered in the USA. 

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use


Sample type Throat sample
Time to result Less than 7 minutes
Reading of the result Instrument read

83 %


97 %

Storage 2 - 25 °C
Additionally needed

QuikRead go Instrument

Registration Not registered in the USA
Registered trademark QuikRead go is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy

About Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep A)

Acute pharyngitis is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical attention in primary care. Most cases of acute pharyngitis are caused by viruses. The most common bacterial cause is Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as Strep A. Strep A infection is the only commonly occurring form of sore throat warranting antibiotic treatment. As the signs and symptoms of Strep A infection and those of pharyngitis caused by other micro-organisms (mostly viruses) often overlap, it is difficult to rule out Strep A infection on clinical grounds alone.

Documents and materials

QuikRead go Strep A Sales Sheet (EN)

QuikRead go Strep A Brief Instructions (EN)

QuikRead go Products Sales Sheet (EN)

QuikRead go Family Brochure (EN)

QuikRead go Strep A Poster ESPID 2013 (EN)

QuikRead go Strep A Poster ECCMID 2016 (EN)


Strep A in primary healthcare


QuikRead go Strep A Test Procedure Video (EN)


Video on YouTube: QuikRead go Strep A Test Procedure

Instructions for use

(For informative use only. Kindly always refer to the latest package insert in the kit.)

QuikRead go Strep A IFU (FI, SE, NO, DK), 135883

QuikRead go Strep A IFU (GB, DE, FR, IT), 135883

QuikRead go Strep A IFU (SI, RS, HR, GR), 135883

QuikRead go Strep A IFU (CZ, SK, HU, PL), 135883

QuikRead go Strep A IFU (ES, PT, NL, RU), 135883

Safety Data Sheet

QuikRead go Strep A SDS (EN)

Frequently asked questions

Are the results affected if I do not use the swab provided in the QuikRead go Strep A kit?
Yes. It is very important to use the swabs provided with the kit as other types of swab may cause false results. Some swabs contain substances which may inhibit the reaction and cause false negative results, whereas other swabs may affect the buffer volume causing either a false positive or negative result. 

Why do I have to observe the colour changes during the extraction and after adding the sample into the prefilled cuvette?
The Extraction Reagent 2 contains a pH indicator which helps you to ensure that the test procedure is correct. The extraction solution must be acidic (yellow-orange colour) and the acid has to be neutralised (pink) by the buffer in the cuvette before addition of the reagent. 

Do I have to update the QuikRead go instrument software to be able to use the QuikRead go Strep A kit?
The QuikRead go Strep A kit can be used in QuikRead go instruments with software version 4.1 or later.

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