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QuikRead go accessories

QuikRead go system accessories make the system more effective, more secure and easier to use. Available accessories for the QuikRead go system include a printer, sets of labels for the printer, a barcode reader, an accumulator unit (batteries), software USB sticks, a workstation, and a serial connection cable as well as a WLAN adapter for LIS/HIS connections.


The printer for QuikRead go is used for easy documentation of the test results. The label printer is connected to the instrument’s USB port using a USB cable. By choosing automatic printing in the settings, the QuikRead go instrument will automatically print the test result with relevant information. The set of labels includes two rolls of labels for the printer. 

The barcode reader for QuikRead go can be used to read patient or operator identification if this information is available in barcode form. 

QuikRead go software USB sticks enable the system software to be updated. 

The QuikRead go serial cable is used if the instrument is attached to the Laboratory Information System using a serial connection. The WLAN adapter is used for wireless LIS/HIS connections.

The QuikRead workstation can be used for storing and transporting opened kit components.

The accumulator unit enables the QuikRead go instrument to be used without a mains connection. When the accumulator unit is attached to the instrument, charging takes place automatically when the instrument is connected to a power source. 

QuikRead go accessories provide you with 

  • QuikRead go system accessories make the system more effective, more secure and easier to use in various testing situations.

QuikRead go is not registered in the USA. 

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use
Instrument information

QuikRead go Instrument

Registration Not registered in the USA
Registered trademark QuikRead go is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.

About the instrument

The QuikRead go instrument is a photometer capable of producing quantitative or qualitative results. The instrument has been designed and calibrated for both photometric and turbidimetric measurement. The instrument guides the user through the assay procedure with a series of messages and animations shown on the display. 

The QuikRead go instrument measures the absorbance of the cuvette and converts the absorbance value into a concentration value or positive/negative result on the basis of the preset test calibration data encoded on each cuvette label.

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