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QuikRead 101 Instrument

The QuikRead 101 instrument provides point-of-care healthcare settings with a user-friendly diagnostic system. The QuikRead system consists of a QuikRead 101 instrument, an accuracy dispenser and several QuikRead reagent kits. The instrument has a serial connection for an external printer or a personal computer and can be used with a barcode reader.


The QuikRead 101 instrument is capable of producing quantitative or qualitative results. It will guide the user through the assay procedure with a series of messages and prompts shown on the display. The photometer measures the absorbance values and converts them into a concentration value or positive/negative result on the basis of preset kit calibration data. The calibration data for each kit is encoded on a magnetic card provided with the kit. The information is transferred to the QuikRead 101 instrument by passing the magnetic card through a card reader on the instrument. The instrument can operate with batteries or an AC power supply.

The QuikRead 101 instrument provides you with

Reliable results

  • Accuracy and reliability of laboratory systems
  • Easy patient identification and connection to data-handling systems
  • Reproducible results

Fast results

  • Results in minutes, exactly when you need them
  • No need to wait for laboratory results

Ease of use

  • Interactive guidance through the procedure
  • No need for special laboratory skills
  • Robust: no need for technical maintenance

Choice of several analytes

  • CRP for rapid decisions
  • U-Alb and FOB for screening programmes

The QuikRead 101 instrument is not registered in the USA.

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use

Immunoturbidimetric and photometric

Sample type Analyte dependent
Time to result Analyte dependent, 2 - 5 minutes
Reading of the result Instrument displays the result

Analyte dependent


Analyte dependent

Storage The ambient temperature between 15 °C and 35 °C
Additionally needed

Buffer dispenser 1 ml (not with 06040) for CRP, FOB and U-Alb 05560

Registration Not registered in the USA

Store protected  from rain and humidity

Registered trademark QuikRead is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.

About the instrument

The QuikRead 101 instrument is a photometer capable of producing quantitative or qualitative results. The instrument has been designed and calibrated for both photometric and turbidimetric measurements. The instrument will guide you through the assay procedure. The QuikRead 101 instrument measures the absorbance of the cuvette and converts the absorbance value into a concentration value or positive/negative result on the basis of the preset test calibration data encoded on a magnetic card in the kit.


The QuikRead 101 instrument can be connected to any system which is capable of communicating with the QuikRead 101 instrument using the ASTM protocol. For this purpose, the system requires a driver for the QuikRead 101.

 Before connection, the QuikRead 101 instrument must be configured with a separate PC programme called the QuikRead 101 QuikLink Setup Wizard.

Documents and materials

Frequently asked questions

How much maintenance does the QuikRead 101 instrument need?
The QuikRead 101 instrument has been designed to be maintenance-free and does not require any regular maintenance. The instrument is calibrated at the factory and it has an internal self-check procedure during every measurement to ensure that it is functioning properly. The calibration curve or cut-off value for each test is encoded on the magnetic card provided with each test kit.

How can I clean the instrument?
The exterior of the instrument can be cleaned using lint-free cloth dampened with water. Mild detergent may be used if necessary. No liquid should be allowed to run onto the edges of the measurement well or connectors. Do not use organic solvents or corrosive substances.

Spillages of potentially infectious materials should be wiped off immediately with absorbent paper tissue and the contaminated area swabbed with a standard disinfectant or 70% ethyl alcohol. Materials used to clean spills, including gloves, should be disposed of as biohazardous waste.


How should a QuikRead go instrument be disposed of?
A used QuikRead go instrument must be treated as potentially biohazardous waste. The instrument should be disposed of as Used Medical Equipment according to national and local law.
The packaging materials are recyclable.
Be sure to delete all patient data before disposing of the instrument.

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