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QuikRead FOB quantitative

QuikRead FOB quantitative is a quantitative immunochemical (FIT) test for detecting occult blood in human stool samples in cases of suspected bleeding from the lower gastrointestinal tract. The kit is used together with a small instrument, the QuikRead 101. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems if needed.


The presence of faecal occult blood (FOB) is a sign of many gastrointestinal disorders. The QuikRead FOB quantitative test helps to identify which patients should undergo additional testing. This ready-to-use kit with a straightforward test procedure provides an accurate result in less than two minutes.

The QuikRead FOB quantitative test provides you with


  • Reproducible quantitative FOB results within a range of 100 - 1000 ng/ml
  • The instrument provides objective reading

Fast results

  • Results are available within minutes

Ease of use

  • Simple test procedure requires no special training
  • Built-in calibration
  • Convenient sampling at home.

Test results should never be used alone, without a complete clinical evaluation.

QuikRead FOB quantitative is not registered in the USA. 

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use


Sample type Faeces
Instrument information

QuikRead 101

Time to result Less than 2 minutes
Reading of the result Instrument read
Storage 2 - 8 °C
Additionally needed
  • QuikRead 101 Instrument 06078
  • QuikRead FOB Sampling set 138822
  • QuikRead FOB Positive Control 06027
Registration Not registered in the USA
Registered trademark QuikRead is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.

About faecal occult blood (FOB)

The normal physiological bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract is low in healthy persons. The faecal haemoglobin varies with gender and age, being higher for males than females and increasing by age for both genders.

Occult gastrointestinal bleeding is defined as bleeding which is unknown to the patient. Occult bleeding itself is not a disease, but it might be a symptom of various conditions.

Significant amounts of blood can be hidden in faeces. Faecal occult blood tests provide information on excessive bleeding and mandate further investigations of the gastrointestinal tract, starting typically with the colon.

Documents and materials

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes Data Sheet (EN)

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes Brief Instructions (EN)

QuikRead FOB Sampling Set Instruction (EN)

QuikRead go iFOB & FOB Sampler Guide (EN)

QuikRead Family Brochure (EN)

QuikRead 101 eLearning (EN)

Instructions for use

(For informative use only. Kindly always refer to the latest package insert in the kit.)

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes IFU (GB, DE, FR, IT), 138820

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes IFU (FI, SE, NO, DK), 138820

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes IFU (NL, ES, SI, GB), 138820

QuikRead FOB quantitative Prefilled Cuvettes IFU (CZ, SK, PL, HU), 138820

QuikRead FOB Sampling Set IFU (GB, DE, FR, NL, IT, ES, CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI, SE, NO, DK, FI), 138822

QuikRead FOB Sampling Set Patient IFU, 138822

QuikRead FOB Positive Control IFU (GB, DE, FR, RU, ES, IT, CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI, SE, NO, DK, FI), 06027

QuikRead FOB Control Quantitative (GB, DE, FR, NL, ES, IT, CZ, SK, SI, HU, PL, SE, NO, DK, FI), 144675

Safety Data Sheet

QuikRead FOB Quantitative SDS (EN)

QuikRead FOB Sampling Set SDS (EN)

QuikRead FOB Positive Control SDS (EN)

QuikRead FOB Control Quantitative SDS (EN)

QuikRead iFOBT Control Quantitative SDS (EN)

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