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QuikRead U-ALB

QuikRead U-ALB is intended for quantitative determination of albumin in urine samples. The kit is used together with a small instrument, the QuikRead 101. This robust system gives reproducible results in just a few minutes and the instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems if needed.


Slightly elevated urine albumin concentration, microalbuminuria (U-ALB), is a warning sign of eventual renal damage or cardiovascular disease. QuikRead U-ALB is a reliable test for the detection of microalbuminuria and it provides quantitative results within minutes, providing results as accurate as clinical laboratory tests. The QuikRead U-ALB is especially suitable for monitoring diabetic patients and for regular screening of those most at risk of developing renal disease or kidney damage.

The QuikRead U-ALB quantitative test provides you with


  • Reproducible quantitative U-ALB results within the range of 5 - 150 mg/l
  • Results as accurate as those obtained by central laboratory
  • Concentrations up to 40 g/l do not adversely affect the test result

 Fast results

  • Results are available within three minutes

Ease of use

  • Simple test procedure requires no special training
  • Built-in calibration, no pipetting steps

Test results should never be used alone, without a complete clinical evaluation.

QuikRead U-ALB is not registered in the USA.

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use


Sample type Urine
Instrument information

QuikRead 101

Time to result Within minutes
Reading of the result Instrument read
Storage 2 - 8 °C
Additionally needed
  • QuikRead 101 Instrument 06078
  • Buffer dispenser 1 ml  05560 or
  • QuikRead101 instrument with 1 ml dispenser 06040
  • Capillaries 20 µl 50 pcs 67962
  • Plungers 50 pcs 67966
  • Urine Albumin Control 67881
Registration Not registered in the USA
Registered trademark QuikRead is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.

About microalbuminuria

Nephropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, and it is internationally recommended that diabetics should be monitored for incipient nephropathy1. Since microalbuminuria is suggestive of incipient nephropathy, diabetics should have regular urinary albumin (U-ALB) measurements. The prompt detection of microalbuminuria is important because early intervention can halt and even reverse the progression of nephropathy. As hypertensive individuals may also develop microalbuminuria, they too benefit from regular monitoring of urinary albumin concentration2.


1. Viberti GC, Mogensen CE, Passa P et al. St Vincent declaration, 1994: Guideline for the prevention of diabetic renal failure.

2. Bigazzi R, Bianchi S, Baldari D and Campese V. Microalbuminuria predicts cardiovascular events and renal insufficiency in patients with essential hypertension. J Hypertension, 1998; 16, 1325 - 1333.

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