About us

About us

Orion Diagnostica is a leading IVD company focusing on point-of-care diagnostics. We develop, manufacture and market fast, reliable and easy to use diagnostic tests and test solutions for healthcare professionals, especially in primary healthcare.

Our products have supported healthcare professionals in making correct treatment decisions and following up patients’ condition for more than 40 years. Our global footprint covers over 60 countries with 90 % of the sales coming from international markets. Our QuikRead® and QuikRead go® flagship products are used globally with close to 50,000 placed instruments. We have around 300 employees and our headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland. In 2018, our annual turnover was 53 MEUR. Orion Diagnostica Oy is owned by an investment fund managed by Axcel Management A/S, a leading Nordic private equity investment company.

Our flagship product, the QuikRead go® System, measures C-reactive protein (CRP) from a small finger-stick blood sample and gives a result in only two minutes. Clinicians can use CRP tests during patient visits to help them to differentiate between bacterial and viral infections and target antibiotic treatment. The QuikRead go range includes following tests: CRP, CRP+Hb, wrCRP, wrCRP+Hb, easy CRP, Strep A, and iFOBT (faecal occult blood).

Our hygiene monitoring tests enable companies and institutions to detect contamination by micro-organisms and product residues and to monitor the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection practices.

Additionally, we also distribute products by other well-established diagnostics manufacturers.

We have full compliance with ISO 13485 Quality Standard as well as FDA requirements.

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