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Orion Diagnostica at 22nd UEG Week meeting in Vienna

Orion Diagnostica presented its two diagnostic test systems, the QuikRead go and the Orion GenRead, at the United European Gastroenterology Week exhibition in the end of October 2014 in Vienna.

The QuikRead go product family of point-of-care products was enlarged during 2014 when Orion Diagnostica launched its newest product, the QuikRead go iFOBT. QuikRead go iFOBT is an immunochemical faecal occult blood test which provides its user with quantitative results either as ng/ml or as µg/g of faeces. 

Orion GenRead system, the newest of Orion Diagnostica’s product families, will be launched during 2014. It consists of an easy-to-use bench-top instrument and separate reagent kits. The first test to be launched will be for detection of C. difficile in faecal samples, and a Salmonella test will follow soon after.